100+ Pokemon Plush sales post

Hey everyone today I’m making a post I’ve been wanting to make for months but I’ve been too lazy to take group picture of everything so here I go lol conditions vary and ask for better pictures if you’re interested:)

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First picture : $5 each

Second picture : $7 each

Third picture $10 each

Forth picture : $12 each

Fifth picture : $15 each

Sixth Picture $ 20 each

7th picture : prices vary (turtwig Pokedoll - sold sentret kuta kuta - $95

swablu Pokedoll - $45

jigglypuff Pokedoll - $110

sabyleye - $40

lickilicky - $25 driftblim - $30

squirtle - $17

I sold swinub right after l

Holiday plush sale

Hey everyone happy holidays! Since it’s almost the new year I want to clear out my room from all the plush I own lol this picture is only the ones that I really feel like need new homes
Here’s my sales permission
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Prices under this cut
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$5 Pokemon Plush

hello today I'm trying to sell all my leftover Pokemon Plush! Their conditions vary depending on the plush but all are tto except one Pikachu some may have stains! Ask about conditions if you are concerned here's my sales permission
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Everything is $5 each!!

Multi-Purpose Post

Hi everyone :) finally got some new things to post about and some new sales ( everything in past sales has been sold
first ups my new plush <3

ahhh finally got another spheal pokedoll! i really regret selling mine last year and have been hunting for one ever since. and the pichu pokedoll <3 i've been wanting one for such a long time but never wanted to pay alot but i finally found one for a price i like ( $10)

next up sales
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